Amazon Music

Amazon has just made one of its popular services completely free for all users registered on its platform and you will not need to be a Prime customer. This is Amazon Music, the free version that was already available for Prime customers, but now for everyone.

Although it can be somewhat confusing, Amazon has two streaming music services. The first is Amazon Music Unlimited, a monthly subscription service for $ 7.99 and that includes a large catalog of songs, similar to that of Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and other platforms.

The second is Amazon Music, a more limited streaming music platform that was free for Prime customers. But now, even if you don’t pay for the subscription, you can access the service without paying a penny.

The Amazon Music catalog is limited, but the lists and radio stations will reproduce the latest hits

Amazon Music

There are only 2 million songs in the Amazon Music catalog, but there are free playlists, although you are not in control of what is inside.

Although there are few songs available to freely choose from, you can listen to stations and playlists with the most popular hits. The lists are created by Amazon and although you can choose between the available ones, some songs may be missing that according to your taste “are missing”.

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This new version of Amazon Music is available from today in Italy, France, and Spain. Three Mediterranean countries heavily hit by the coronavirus.

This service can be accessed from its website or from the Android, iOS or Fire TV applications.


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