Battlefield Mobile_ Everything We Know About Release Date, Beta, And Gameplay

The Google Store reveals the first battlefield data for mobile, with large-scale battles, destruction of environments, vehicles, and classes.

Electronic Arts and DICE are preparing to launch Battlefield 2042, but they also have plans to expand the franchise and go beyond consoles and computers. Since the beginning of the years, we have known a saga project in development for mobile devices.

The studios have decided to share more information about the game, which we now know will be called Battlefield Mobile. Some fans will have the chance to try it out this year, as a beta version of Android has been confirmed.

In addition, the company has revealed the business model they will follow with this proposal, the content they have prepared for testing, and more details on the shooter.

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Battlefield Mobile Beta: Start Date and Registration Details

The registration page is available to take a look and be aware of the news related to this new title for Android. The beta will begin in November 2021 in the Philippines and Indonesia.

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Over time, they will expand the availability of the beta, and EA says that “you will be able to pre-register on their Google Play Store and will automatically be notified when the trial version of the game opens in your region. 

Tests are limited, so those who pre-register are not guaranteed access to the game test but will be notified of future releases.

Battlefield Mobile Gameplay And Maps

Harnessing the power of next-gen consoles and PCs, Battlefield has always been able to host massive skirmishes with up to 64 players on war-torn maps. But now smartphones are full of technology and capable of hosting significant battle matches.

Official descriptions and screenshots indicate Battlefield Mobile will feature “full-scale combat” and “full-scale destruction.” So we can expect an experience comparable to the main versions of Battlefield.

Battlefield Mobile’s launch content will only begin with the incredible gameplay of the classic Battlefield 3 map, Grand Bazaar, and Conquest. EA says more details on future content will be released closer to the game’s launch.

Battlefield Mobile Weapons, Gadgets, SkinsBattlefield Mobile Weapons, Gadgets, Skins

The official description of the game in the store reads: “Find your play style and customize your soldier to maximize your abilities. Weapons, gadgets, skins, and more can be customized and improved according to your class and your progress.”

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“War heroes with a unique story preparing for battle, each with their task. Explore their stories, immerse yourself in battle and stand out on the Battlefield with the best adaptation.” Since Battlefield Mobile Mobile is conceived as a live service game, we expect new weapons and skins to be added continuously, like in Mobile COD.

  • F2000
  • Fragmentation grenade
  • P226
  • SMAW

Battlefield Mobile Vehicles

Large maps and locations require large, giant machines that can help change the course of battle.

According to the game biography, you will be able to “order an ATV” and use a “fully armored tank.” Expect her to fly a variety of regular ships, planes, and helicopters, as another line says, “Battle on land, sea, and air.”

Battlefield Mobile SpecialistsBattlefield Mobile Specialists

The Mobile phones seem to be configured to use a specific system, just like a typical Battlefield game. This allows players to enter the game using one of several options.

Players can choose from the following specialists:

Each has its characteristics and abilities that distinguish it from the other. Depending on how you play the game, you may need to make cuts and adjustments depending on the battle.

Battlefield Mobile Will Be Free

Additionally, in the EA FAQ, they confirmed that Battlefield Mobile will be a free-to-play game, meaning the only type of thing that would require payment would be cosmetics.

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These are the optional purchases that users can choose from:

  • Battle Passes
  • Collectible cosmetics
  • Battlefield Mobile Exclusive Unlockables

Battlefield Mobile Won’t Support Cross-Play

Ea has confirmed that Battlefield Mobile will not offer any crossover play. The game is “designed specifically for mobile devices so that it will be released on mobile devices only.”

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