Budget Gaming PC Under 600$

Building a budget gaming PC can be fun; if we’re careful with the components we buy, it can also be surprisingly powerful. We need a more powerful pc when it comes to playing video games. In this guide, we’ll break down what you need to build for a budget gaming PC under 600 dollars that can run just about any competitive game at 1080p settings.

For now, we are using the latest Intel Core i3-10100 processor, and it is the 1st i3 CPU, which comes with hyperthreading with a boost clock speed up to 4.3 GHz. We need a high-frequency clock when we are playing games at 1080p competitive settings.

So we have put together a list of the best components we could find to create the best budget PC build for gaming—all for just $ 600.

PC Overview

Since we are on a limited budget, most of the selected components are entry-level. That doesn’t mean they are not playable, but it means we’ve had to make some sacrifices to keep us under $ 600. The CPU is excellent, as I mentioned earlier, and the graphics card will not handle 4K resolutions.

But we can easily play competitive titles with 1650 super, and the storage is limited. That said, with everything together, we can happily say that you can play games like Fortnite, Valorant, Dota 2, or League of Legends at more than 144fps in competitive settings.

Processor i3 10100

When it comes to competitive gaming, Intel’s 10th generation is unbeatable. Although there are more powerful processors than the one we’ve chosen, intel offers the i3 10100 an incredible investment for the money.

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The Intel i3 10th generation chip does not offer manual overclocking potential, but still, we have decided to use this in the build because of gaming. It has a high clock boost, which we need to play games on high FPS at 1080p low settings.

Motherboard ASUS Prime H410M-A

We do not need to mount motherboard with high-end features with this build, so we’ve opted for a decent, mid-range H410M-A motherboard from ASUS. This one comes with support for a large amount of high-speed memory, it has Ultrafast connectivity M.2 slot, 1GB Ethernet, and USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ASUS Control Center Express to make IT endpoint management is easy.

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It supports memory speeds of up to 2933MHz. It also has an M.2 storage slot if you want to opt for that type of storage in the future. It has comprehensive cooling solutions and intelligent tuning options, and the Prime H410 series motherboard provides daily users and DIY PC builders a range of performance tuning options.

GPU ZOTAC GTX 1650 Super

A powerful high GPU is a must for gaming, and the Zotac GTX 1650 super with 4GB of VRAM is an excellent solution for that. It’s not the most powerful GPU in the world, but for gaming at competitive settings and you can do little bit editing for clips as well with it, this card would be a great option.

[wptb id=3784]

Esports games would look great with this graphics card. Even some more demanding games will do just fine if you reduce the most intense visual settings like shadows, textures, and smooth.

RAM Corsair Vengeance 16GB

We need to have at least 16 GB of RAM. To take full advantage of our build, we have opted for a kit of two 8 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro modules running at 3,200 MHz and with CL16 latencies.

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When we are playing games at low settings, high CPU dependent Games on the speed and latency of RAM to realize their full potential, when buying a kit like this, we exceeded the acceptable minimum of 2,666 MHz. We reached a clock speed that we can consider as totally optimal.

SSD WD Green 480GB

We have chosen the WD Green 480GB because it offers excellent value for performance, storage capacity, and price. It reaches 540 MB / s in reading speed and 400 MB / s in writing speed at CrystalDiskMark, a very reasonable price for what it offers.

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For fast performance and reliability, WD Green SSD reduces the load time experience in your gaming PC. WD Green SSD is built as lightweight and shock-resistant to help protect against data loss if a drive accidentally drops. They have combined with the comprehensive WD Functional Integrity Testing Lab certification.

PSU Corsair CV Series, CV550

We have equipment that consumes, on average, about 380 watts on load, although it may have peaks that will be around 400 watts. It means that a 550-watt power supply more than meets our needs and also leaves us considerable scope if we need to expand the PC.

[wptb id=3795]

This power supply is more expensive than several of our components in this system. That may sound silly, but it’s for a good reason. A good power supply will keep your PC running for years to come.

CASE AeroCool Cylon RGB

AeroCool Cylon RGB is a case that even works for high-end equipment; it is an incredibly useful chassis for the money. It offers a side window to look at your components and some valuable inputs and outputs for the front panel.

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It has an elegant backslash LED with 13 lighting modes on the front panel. Six RGB flow lighting modes. Seven robust color modes. It has a capacity of CPU cooler with height up to 155mm and extra-long high-end graphics cards up to 371mm.


Benchmark in competitive settings

As we can see in this graph, we have easily achieved pretty good results with this Budget Gaming PC Under 600$.


It ends our article on the parts of Budget Gaming PC Under 600$, its importance, and the best options we have available. The components prices a little vary when you are reading this guide of Budget Gaming PC Under 600$.

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