Call of Duty: Warzone Receives Silenced Weapons

Call of Duty: Warzone is the acclaimed Battle Royale from the Activision saga that came into our lives on March 10. Today, April 8, has opened the doors to its third season, and that is why the team of developers of Infinity Ward has wanted to bring forward the news that awaits us throughout this new stage of the game: weapons with a silencer arrive, thus as sniper and shotgun modes will be available soon.

The first thing players will surely have noticed is the appearance of silenced weapons in Warzone. We can find them as loot from the ground, but also if we rummage around the map or in the supply boxes. In fact, the loot we can find lying on the ground has received an important change: it now offers all kinds of weapons. Infinity Ward notes that this mod will be available throughout the season.

You may have also seen the new vehicle skins, which are also new thanks to this update. In addition, the action will not be missing with the modalities that are just around the corner in this Season 3: players will be able to enjoy game modes that will be limited to snipers or only shotguns.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare® & Warzone – Season 3 Trailer

We already knew that Activision was planning to increase the size of the squads, thanks to the announcement by one of the Infinity Ward ringleaders, Patrick Kelly. It announced in early March, in addition, that the developers planned to include games of up to 200 players.

Infinity Ward and Activision have a lot to offer for both Warzone and Modern Warfare players in this new season. The former will now feature new weapons and skins, including silenced and silenced versions of each weapon type. For their part, Modern Warfare players will now be able to play on three new 6v6 maps, some being remastering classic maps, and other smaller-scale Ground War maps.

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