Midas Flopper Fish

Are you looking for a way to catch the Midas Flopper? The new season of Fortnite is full of unique varieties of fishes. One of them is Midas Fish.

It is arguably the rarest fish of Fortnite season 4. The Midas Fish, which refers to the villain introduced in Chapter 2 Season 2, will offer you the power to change your entire inventory into Legendary grade items and weapons. It makes it one of the most powerful things ever created in Battle Royale.

To make it better understand, once you get the Midas fish, you can turn your common, rare, and epic weapons into legendary, which is the best category of weapons in the Fortnite Battle Royale.

Where To Catch A Midas Flopper Fish In Fortnite

The rarest fish in the entire game is not going to be delivered so quickly. There is a skill level for finding one.

You will also need to have a professional fishing rod.

  • Jump into a Battle Royale match.
  • Hop off the Battle Bus and land in Sweaty Sand.
  • Walk to the beach and head to the pier.
  • Grab a fishing pole, cast it, and fish from there.
  • Now everything is waiting. If you catch one, pick up line.
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Players have been posting their rare catches on various social media platforms since Season 4 began. It appears that Sweaty Sand is a crucial point for this fish, but don’t take it as a guaranteed catch location.


Catching the Midas fish is not an easy task. However, with these tips that we have offered you, you can have it a little easier to try to obtain it and enjoy the ability to make your weapon inventory lethal by having the legendary category.

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