Security has been and will always be one of every person’s priorities, and we are talking about both traditional users and advanced users or large companies. Nowadays, the best thing is that complicated protection mechanisms are not needed as both current operating systems, and the devices themselves integrate useful tools to add security to daily activities.

Android is the most used mobile operating system today for everything presented to us with each new update. However, what many Android users don’t know is that there is an option to block applications from accessing the Internet, both installed by us and system applications.

In this article, we will show you how to block some apps from having unlimited access to data on Android and why it might be necessary in some cases.

What Does Constant Internet Access Cause?

The reasons may be different. One of the most annoying is that an app or game has an internet connection to send notifications periodically. This way, messages like an offer available on the app, news about a game you can now play again, or that you have unlocked specific items are the most common to find in the notification bar.

On the other hand, the battery is another aspect to consider. While we eliminate the possibility for specific apps to access the Internet, we also eliminate the possibility of draining the battery in the background. Although we don’t use it regularly, it can continue to run in the shade, consuming its corresponding part of the battery. The security section gets into the fray as this connection can be used to send advertisements or worse.

How To Disable App From Having Unlimited Access To Mobile Data On Android?

Alternatively, Android also allows you to restrict access to mobile data on an individual basis. Plus, you can do it natively without having to install third-party apps from Google Play. To avoid confusion, this is not the same as what we did in the previous section. To do this, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Search the list for the application or game.
  • Enter that app.
  • Go to the Data Use section.
  • Uncheck data usage
  • Check the Restricted data usage box.
  • In some customization layers, you can disable the use of data in the background.

Once the process is complete, the apps you flagged will automatically stop connecting to mobile data, although they can continue to connect to WiFi.


While reviewing the list, if we see that games or other non-essential apps have access to this feature. In that case, we should uncheck the box, as it could be exploited by the dreaded malware to create unwanted logins and consume our data. It’s also possible that we granted this access by mistake, so it’s a good idea to review the list from time to time to ensure everything stays the same.


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