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Nvidia has seen how Activision Blizzard, Bethesda and 2K Games have decided to withdraw their games from the GeForce NOW platform, which allows us to access from all over the world, and compatible device, to our entire library of games already bought in stores like Steam or The Epic Games Store, which yesterday took a step forward to curb the drama of the escape of the studios publicly supporting the platform.


Will Fortnite lose support in Nvidia GeForce Now?

Unlike other companies, Epic Games said that Nvidia GeForce Now is currently one of the most friendly streaming services with developers and distributors. For this reason, Epic Games will collaborate on the project with its games and various titles in its store.

Sweeney said they will collaborate with Fortnite and “with the titles of the Epic Games Store that decide to participate.” The manager wants to make clear his liking for Nvidia GeForce Now, so he said that even the exclusive Epic store can be in the service.

The creative said they are currently working to improve the integration of their games with Nvidia GeForce Now. Sweeney also criticized companies that have withdrawn their titles from the platform.

The statements came directly from Tim Sweeny, founder of Epic Games, who said in his own official Twitter account:

In these statements there is something to highlight ” with zero taxes on the income of the game “, that is, that all the money generated in a game through GeForce NOW will go entirely to the developer, so it is doubly striking that three of them have decided to leave, although of course, it will not be very funny if you can play a game that you have already bought without paying the game again or some small extra, hence these companies do continue to offer some of their games in Stadia.

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