Facebook Messenger Desktop App

Facebook Messenger Desktop App For Windows And Mac Launched. Now you can use the messaging app on your PC to chat and make individual or group video calls. We tell you where to download the program and the functions it makes available to you.

Although it is true that most of us do not detach ourselves from the mobile phone, the truth is that on many occasions it is more comfortable to use some applications on the computer. This is the case of messaging apps: although the smartphone version is essential, having a desktop version is very useful for reading and writing messages while we are working on the PC.

Facebook Messenger brings the best features of the app to Windows and macOS, such as group video calls

Facebook Messenger Desktop App

According to Facebook, last March they saw 100% growth in Messenger users around the world, especially in countries that have confined themselves to try to stop the expansion of the coronavirus.

One of the most used features is video calls, which like WhatsApp are one of the best functions to “put a face” on your friends during these difficult times.

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The Messenger desktop application is perfect to keep it open and thus not need to use the mobile while doing something else, although it is recommended not to use it while studying or working to maintain a minimum concentration.

It has notifications, so you will receive the same messages that appear on your mobile, but on your computer.

Download Links

Facebook Messenger for Windows 10.|Facebook Messenger for Mac OS X.

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