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ChromeOS is one of the most interesting desktop Operating Systems on the market due to its simplicity. Now you can install ChromeOS on any PC thanks to CloudReady, and we’ll show you how.

Neverware is a company that is dedicated to installing the most popular cloud-based Operating System of the moment. Just like Google’s Android is based on AOSP, everything related to Chrome is based on the free Chromium project, and CloudReady starts from that base.

The company sells a version to businesses and schools, but in reality, what it sells is the support. The Home Edition has the same but they do not offer any support, or that is what we read on their website.


How to install CloudReady from a USB

There are installers for macOS, Chrome OS, and Windows. The company recommends the Windows version and to install the Neverware Chromium OS from a USB we will follow these steps:

1. Let’s go to this web page.
2. We click on “DOWNLOAD USB MAKER” to download the tool that will create the USB.
3. We execute the downloaded file (cloudready-usb-maker.exe).

chrome os

4. We accept the Windows notice to open it.
5. Next, we will create the USB. In the first warning, we click on “Next”.
6. On the second screen, we choose the version (32 or 64bits) and click on “Next”.
7. The next step warns us that the best thing is that we do not use a USB of the SanDisk brand and that our Pendrive should be 8 to 16GB. If we meet the requirements, we click on “Next”.
8. In the next step, we mark our Pendrive and click on “Next”.
9. We wait. He says it can take up to 20 minutes. The bad thing is that there is no progress bar, or I have not seen it during the creation (yes during the download). We wait patiently.
10. Finally, we click on “Finish” to exit.


Once installed, we will have to turn off our computer and start it with the Pendrive connected. According to the manufacturer of our motherboard, we will have to select a button or another to start the Pendrive, although it will generally be F12.

After choosing the Pendrive, the CloudReady system will start, asking us for language information that we will use.

When we finish the initial configuration, the System will start synchronizing all our Chrome applications, bookmarks, and data from our browser, during this time it is possible that the connection does not work very well, but it will be a matter of time for you to use it without problems.

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