Playstation 5 Dualsense Controller

The battle with the next generation of consoles is getting more than interesting, both companies are gradually discovering their strengths, with Microsoft taking the lead. Sony had only told what the bowels of its new Playstation 5 Dualsense Controller are like, but it had not shown what it looked like, we had no idea what the controller was like.

Knowing that Xbox was gaining interest in recent weeks with all the progress it has taken, the guys from Sony have decided to launch a new missile in the form of a command: it is called DualSense and it is a revolutionary controller in form and functionality.

When there is a renewal of something that we have quite assimilated, the criticisms flourish in many directions, but it is good to see that Sony does not always want to be conservative and has decided to give a twist to the command. The change starts with the name, it will no longer be called Dual Shock 5.

Do we like? There is no doubt that its appearance is groundbreaking, but it is difficult to affirm things without having touched it, although we are sure that Sony will have investigated, prototyped and tested all the features and designs so that its next product is much better than what we already have. Let’s find out what’s new:

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Playstation 5 Dualsense Controller

The DualSense controller offers a multitude of technology inside:

  1. Adaptive haptic vibration both in the control and in the L2 and R2 triggers.
  2. Built-in microphone.
  3. Built-in speaker with Tempest 3D technology.
  4. Touch panel.
  5. Rechargeable battery via USB type C.

Although some elements that we have already mentioned were included in Dualshock 4, with the DualSense we can talk to friends without plugging in the headphones, although if we are going to play a long time it is always recommended to obtain a more immersive experience in the game.

The loudspeaker that incorporates the remote control would make our experience more immersive thanks to Tempest 3D technology. On the other hand, the Dualsense would be equipped with different hardware that would vibrate the remote in different ways so that depending on what situation we are in, the experience is immersive.

Although we still do not know what the purpose of this button will be, what is clear is that it will have functions that would further improve our experience in the game. Remember that the launch of PlayStation 5 would be planned for Christmas.

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