Recover Files from External Hard Drives

External hard drives are important if you use your computer for everything, which today almost everyone does. External hard drives are easily available, usually available in all major computer stores and have some advantages. They are easy to use, flexible and easy to transport. But sometimes they can lose some information which can become quite stressful.

There are several reasons why your external hard drive could lose your data. One of the most common reasons is that some people accidentally delete all their files. You could have formatted the external hard drive by mistake and end up losing all your data. On other occasions, the hard drive is malfunctioning and this is the reason you lose all your files. No matter what happened to delete all data from your external hard drive, you can recover it if it has not been completely overwritten or corrupted the hard drive.

How To Recover Files From External Hard Drives?

Step 1: To recover files from the external hard drive, the first step is to download and install Recoverit program on your computer. You can download the Mac or Windows version depending on your operating system. Now you are ready to recover your files.

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Step 2: Run the program and select the type of modes you want to recover. Here we select “Recover External Devices”

Recover Files from External Hard Drives

Step 3: You need to scan your external hard drive. To do this make sure your external hard drive is connected and then click “Start” to scan it. If you want to recover data from a formatted external hard drive then make sure that the “Deep Scan” box is filled. This is how it should look.

Recover Files From External Hard Drives

Step 4: After scanning all the files that have been found, they will appear in the resulting window. You can decide which files you want to recover and mark them. Click “recover” to start the recovery process of the external hard drive.

Once you have purchased your external hard drive, it is important to take good care of it. Avoid having many partitions in it as they tend to increase the loading time which in turn reduces the life of the external hard drive. In addition, it is important that you disconnect it from your computer after using it. This will help you reduce those cases in which you can accidentally format the external hard drive. Finally, it is very important that when you want to move data from the hard drive, copy it instead of cutting it. This way you will have a backup if you lose them.

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External hard drives require care so you should store them properly. Avoid high temperatures, humidity or vibration.

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