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When we acquire a new computer, it is usually prepared for use from the first moment we turn it on. The operating system, currently Windows 10, is already installed and configured. We just have to create a user account, set up the internet, install the applications we use in our day to day, etc.

But along with Windows 10 and, perhaps, Office 365, there are usually more applications pre-installed, mostly trial versions and demonstrations of programs that, after all, all they do is take up disk space and, if loaded at the start of Windows, they also consume memory and system resources.

This type of application is usually called bloatware and also affects smartphones, although it is not the issue at hand today. The term bloatware is also used for popular programs that have been “getting fat” over the years without offering considerable improvements.

Windows10Debloater is a simple tool completely free for Windows 10 that allows us to eliminate all bloatware or unwanted software, in addition to disabling the different telemetry functions and scheduled tasks to have a cleaner Windows 10.
This tool does not use aggressive techniques to perform this task but instead uses a series of PowerShell scripts to carry out its work. Below we explain how it works.

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How To Remove Bloatware From Windows 10?

To use this application, the first thing we will do is download the source code of this tool from GitHub. To do this, click on the green «Clone or download» button and download all the code in ZIP.

We extract the contents of the ZIP in a folder to which we have easy access and, first of all, we will configure PowerShell to be able to execute unsigned scripts to be able to use this tool. To do this, we open a PowerShell window with administrator permissions and execute the following command:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Force
Once ready, we move using the «cd» command to the directory where we have unzipped Windows10Debloater before and execute the following command:

. \ Windows10DebloaterGUI.ps1
In an instant, we can see the main program window

As we can see, the main window of this tool has several sections. The first one that appears at the top is ” Debloat options “, the options that allow us to easily remove this unwanted software from the computer. We can remove all the bloatware from the tool or do it through a blacklist.

In case that after removing the bloatware we regret it, the ” Revert Debloat ” section allows us to revert the changes and reinstall all the software that has been removed.

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Finally, the ” Optional Changes / Fixes ” section has some very interesting options that allow us to customize our Windows by disabling everything we do not want to use, such as Cortana, the Edge PDF viewer, OneDrive and all Telemetry tasks.

We will also be able to install .NET 3.5 with this application (dependency whose absence gives many problems with the old software), unpin all tiles from the Start menu or remove bloatware entries from the Windows registry.

As we can see, a very complete tool, open-source (so we can know what it does) and, also, little intrusive to clean our Windows of unwanted software, bloatware, and all telemetry functions without having problems to Long term with Windows 10.

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