Set Only Admin Can Send Messages In WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp is a useful application for managing group chat information. Use it for your projects or your business.

WhatsApp group chats are used to facilitate communication with more than one contact; however, the problem is that many important announcements can be lost due to group interaction. This is because you are already tired of scrolling until you find the precise data of what is going on in the chat.

So today we will guide you step by step and in an easy way on how to create a WhatsApp group where only admins can talk.

How To Set Only Admin Can Send Messages In WhatsApp Group?

If you are one of those who suffer from this procedure on WhatsApp, we tell you that there is a way to make you read-only admin messages. You won’t need a third-party app; follow these steps on your phone.

  • Launch the WhatsApp application on your smartphone or tablet.
  • On the Discussions tab, enter the group discussion you want to edit.
  • Tap the group name at the top of the group chat to view the profile page.
  • Look for the Group Settings option.
  • Click on Send messages.
  • Go to the Administrators only option, then accept the new settings.whatsapp only admins


Now only administrators have the right to post a message in their WhatsApp group chat. The rest of the member’s access will be demoted to read-only. After updating this preference, WhatsApp will add a warning message in the group chat to notify attendees of the change.


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