Share Apps Without An Internet Connection With Google Nearby Share

Are you one of those people who share new apps with their friends? Or are your friends the ones who forward the apps they discover on Google Play? While there are several ways to share apps, However, Android now makes things a bit easier thanks to Nearby Share, allowing us to send apps to our friends without having to be connected to the network.

As we said, there are several ways to share apps with other phones if you are an Android user. However, almost all of them involve using the internet, downloading a file, or using specific apps to share them. To avoid having to roast, Google integrates the app sharing feature in Nearby Share.

You won’t need to use WiFi or mobile data, just a few steps, and that’s it. We tell you all the details below.

What Is Nearby Share? 

Nearby Share is a Google system that allows you to share content between nearby mobile devices without using the internet. Yes, a transfer system similar to Airdrop, but for Android devices.

We have already seen the dynamics of Near Share last year, for example, to share YouTube links, multimedia content, etc. But now it integrates with Google Play. What does it mean? That you can share apps with your friends or contacts.

How Does It Work?

It is not about sharing the application link, but this system, which now integrates Google Play, will allow you to send the complete application. To apply this dynamic, it will use Bluetooth or WiFi Direct.

The only essential requirement is that your friends’ mobiles are nearby to detect them when searching for nearby devices. And, of course, follow a short setup and a few steps, as explained below.

How To Send Apps To A Nearby Mobile Without An Internet Connection, With Google Play?

However, the nearby sharing feature allows us to swap apps at a future meeting with family or friends. With which you can already try this function with the steps that we describe below:

  • Go to Google Play.
  • Click on the Three horizontal lines menu at the top left.
  • Enter the “My applications and my games” section.
  • Scroll through the tabs and navigate to the “Share” section.
  • Select “Send,” then press “Continue.”Nearby Share apps
  • If you have not yet activated the device’s location, click “Accept” or “Allow” in the dialog box to activate it.
  • Select the applications to send (you can select one or more).
  • Click on the “Submit” icon at the top right.

While the sending user performs these actions to share applications, the other person should perform the same steps above; it is only at step five (5) that it is necessary to select “Receive” instead of “Send.” At this point, the name of the device will appear among the available mobile phones of the sending phone, after which it will be necessary to click on it to start the transfer.

  • Select the receiving mobile phone on the sending device.
  • Check the pairing codes on both mobile phones.
  • Click on “Receive” on the receiving rover.
  • After receiving the applications, click “Install” or “Update.”
  • Finally, press “Disconnect” at the top right.


The downside is that you can only share apps with nearby devices, even though the system is simple. From the My apps & games view, you need to use the Share apps menu to select which ones you want to share.

The advantage of this system over sending the traditional APK is that the apps installed in this way are installed and behave like those installed by Google Play while being protected by Google Play Protect.


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