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How to Watch Replays In Valorant
Did you clutch 1v4? But you missed capturing that, or recoding was not on, and now you are thinking if Valorant could save replays. Sadly Valorant natively doesn't have a replay feature in-game like others. However, we can use external software to time-shift and capture the last 15 seconds to...
Access Valorant Closed Beta
The day of the long-awaited release of Valorant has arrived and Riot Games has chosen to anticipate its Closed Beta with several Twitch streamers from Europe and North America. And Riot's choice to deliver passes to the Closed Beta is completely random for players who meet certain requirements. In...
Valorant, the new free-to-play shooter that faces 5v5 teams, has been officially revealed by Riot Games with new gameplay, PC specs, and its release date. Announced in October 2019 under the initial title of Project A and as a “tactical shooter”, the video game is like a combination of Counter-Strike...
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