Text Neck Syndrome

With the rise of technology, new diseases have emerged that threaten the health of the human being. One of them is the “text neck” or “tech neck”. This condition, as the name says, is located in the neck and manifests with discomfort throughout the cervical area. This is due to using the cell phone or tablet for long periods of time, either answering conversations or observing the last post of friends.

The neck is affected because it makes incorrect movements and harmful to the natural posture of the body, this ends up causing strong pain. A study in England showed that this habit can cause permanent arthritic damage if it is not treated in time. The most serious of all is that this disease attacks children and adults. There are children from 8 to 10 years who spend playing long hours on the tablet and force the natural curvature of the neck.

This group is more prone to these injuries because the head is larger than their body due to the period of growth in which they are, and this makes the head heavier. Also, young people are highly affected by the “text collar” for being enthralled with social networks and chat. The research also reveals that women of thin complexion are more likely to suffer from it.

Specialists argue that the “neck of the text” occurs because the joints and the tissue in the neck do not resist so long to be flexed and gradually the cervix is losing the natural curvature. The cervical pain is accompanied by stiffness, heaviness in the shoulders, headache and there are those who extend to the chest. There are also those who are affected by breathing, vision, and hearing. If people do not change their habit, this syndrome can damage the spine, causing intense pain that makes it easy to move the lower limbs easily.

Also, if it is not treated in time and the “neck of the text” is passed, it can cause migraine, vertigo and affect the sciatic nerve, which is severe conditions. Surgical Technology magazine published a study in which they discovered that being watching the cell phone for a long period of time the neck is under pressure as if it were carrying 60 pounds of weight, which is equivalent to lifting an eight-year-old boy.

Text Neck Syndrome

How to educate us

Most people use mobile phones and digital devices, to remedy this and other diseases inherited from the misuse of technology, it is important to raise awareness and ration their use. Here are some points that can help.

• In children, limit hours of use only on weekends and for short periods, not more than 1 hour and a half per day.

• Check the posture of children and adolescents when using the devices.
• Stop use at the first symptom.

• Do not leave mobile phones and technological devices within the reach of children on weekdays.

• Prefer to spend your time on physical activities and avoid using technological devices.

• If you cannot disconnect from the cell phone for work, you should take breaks and make sure if the posture is adequate or correct immediately.

• Raise awareness among children and adolescents about the damage to health that the misuse of technological devices can cause.

Text Neck Syndrome After having abused the use of a technological device, it is advisable to perform a routine of exercises that will help counteract the tension placed on the neck.

1) Get up and move frequently. If you have a sedentary job sitting, at least every 15-30 minutes, you should get up and walk, even for a minute. That will make the blood circulate, and put your neck in a different position.

2) Get a chair that reclines with a very good lumbar support, and lean back as much as practical while working. That will eliminate the pressure of the neck muscles so that they do not tense. As you lean back, the muscles will relax and soften.

3) If possible, try to stand up as much as possible. Otherwise, consider the following: if I have a long day in which I have to work many hours on a computer, I go home and exercise for 45 minutes to feel much better.

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