Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope How To Unlock Bowser Easily

You will find a series of complex challenges in Mario Rabbids: Sparks of Hope. There are several playable characters to help you throughout these battles. However, not all of these will be available right from the outset.

After unlocking the evasive Rabbid Rosalina, there is one character to unlock the biggest and meanest of them all.

Players need skill, perseverance, and plenty of time before they can unlock Bowser in Sparks of Hope.

When Does Bowser Unlock In Sparks Of Hope?

Once you have finished the game and reached the third planet, Bowser will become available during battle. Like Rabbid Rosalina, he will have a boss fight against the Spark Hunter and become unlocked at the beginning of it.

It is possible to use the battle as a preview of Bowser’s strength to tear apart basic enemies easily. His power may not seem as impressive at first, but the boss fight is against an enemy with a lot of defence and health. You can see Bowser’s true strength for yourself by completing this battle.

The battle where Bowser is unlocked is the Boss fight, where Bedrock is defended. You will need to face the team of weak enemies in the area first. However, due to its strength, the penalty Headbutt of Bedrock itself wouldn’t be ineffective.

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As Beep-0 suggests at the beginning of the battle, you will have to lure him to explosives littering the arena. If you make her stop on it, attacking Bedrock will cause her to jump and snap in rage, triggering a powerful explosion.


Do not worry about being too close to Bedrock when it triggers, but you should be wary of the shockwaves he lets out from his jump. But, you can think of it as a somewhat scripted battle. Once done, you can use Bowser’s incredible power at your leisure!

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