Valorant Champions_ Date, Venue, And First Details Berlin Will Also Host The World Cup

The event will finally take place in Berlin due to the new health-related restrictions. Riot Games wanted to provide some details even before the competitive event.

Valorant Champions: World Championship

The structure of Valorant‘s competitive system is clear. Teams compete in the Challengers series to try and gain access to the Masters they provide and cash reward points to qualify for the Champions League. 

Therefore, the latter serves as the ultimate goal for all teams at the top of the pyramid, such as the equivalent of Counter-Strike Major, Worlds of League of Legends, or The International in Dota 2.

A Total Of 16 Teams Will Participate In The Competition:

  • 11 classified according to the regional ranking
  • 4 qualified through Last Chance tournaments
  • A classified to win the Berlin Master to be held in SeptemberA Total Of 16 Teams Will Participate In The Competition_

Teams from different regions competed throughout the season to qualify for the Champions League. With performances in Challengers and Masters, Sentinels, and Latin America, KRU Esports already has a guaranteed place at the World Championships in Berlin.

At the moment, the best professional competition teams are preparing to meet each other in the Berlin Master, where the winner will qualify for the World Championship, and the last World Championship points will be distributed. It was initially planned to assemble 16 teams, but due to problems related to Covid-19, the representative of Southeast Asia Bren Esports will be absent.

For its part, KRU Esports will represent Latin America and will meet Team Envy from North America, Haven Liberty from Brazil, and ZetaDivision from Japan. The Berlin Master will take place from 10 to 19 September.

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