WhatsApp Adds A Button For You To Make Group Video Calls

One of the things that help you stay connected the most these days is video calls. Humans like to engage with as many senses as they can, which is why they are more enjoyable than instant messages and even voice memos. No matter how far you are from a friend or family member when you see them through the mobile screen, you will surely feel much closer.

Sadly quarantine due to the coronavirus has made video calls fashionable is something that we all know. Surely, also, you have already done a thesis of all the platforms with which you can call your friends and family, maybe you already have your favorites for each group.

Video calls from WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp Adds A Button For You To Make Group Video Calls


The new button does not have too many complications. When accessing a chat with four or fewer people, the video call icon will appear next to the voice call icon that was already available. By clicking on it, WhatsApp will start the video call with all the participants of the group, who will have to accept it before being able to enter.

It is a simple function, but it allows you to start video calls faster, even more so now that we are in quarantine and video calls are the only way to see our close friends and family. The consumption of WhatsApp doubled during the first days of quarantine precisely because of this.

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All in all, the limit is still four people, a much lower number than other alternatives such as Hangouts, Google Duo, Skype or Houseparty, although enough for a family of four, for example. If you need to add more participants, Hangouts supports up to 10 people, Skype up to 25, HouseParty up to eight and Google Duo up to 12 participants.

We have been able to access this function on iOS and Android, which seems to indicate that the new button has already been deployed, although it may take time to reach all devices. If it doesn’t appear, check if you have any pending updates on Google Play and the App Store.


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