Who Visits My Instagram Profile

We love Instagram, we share our lives in this social network app that has captivated us. Instagram, owned by Facebook, has a great impact on young and not so young people who compete to get the best photos and accumulate thousands of likes. However, there is something that arouses our curiosity Who Visits My Instagram?. So without further ado lets dive in the article.

Don’t Use Apps To Know Who Visits My Instagram

We are sorry to have to be so blunt. We know it, we would all love to have an app that would tell us who visits our Instagram profile, but we are sorry to tell you… they don’t exist!. The most staunch users of the social network are clear that there is no way to know who is looking at your profile on Instagram. However, the most novice believes that they do, and install applications on their android phone that ” can do it.” To avoid detours, it is malware.

Therefore, if you are a new Instagram user you should know that there is no application to demonstrate this. In addition, the social network does not have guides or methods to achieve it. On the other hand, if you find a post that indicates the truth to determine how to know who is looking at your Instagram, it is a big lie. Do not fall for their tricks or follow their steps because they will surely lead you into an imminent trap.

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How To Know Who Visits My Instagram Profile

We repeat, so far there is no computer mechanism available to the general public to discover who may be spying on your account. However, there are some hints that can help you get an idea.

Latest followers

By frequently consulting the latest people who have started to follow you, you will already have an idea of ​​the new viewers that your publications have.

I like

Obviously, “likes” or “likes”, as well as comments, are the clearest sign of visit on your profile. Although of course, there are the gossips that are hidden and it is exactly those that we are interested in revealing … that is why we are going to more cunning tricks.


You can check who has seen each of your published stories. This information is ephemeral, it disappears in 24 hours but if you are attentive you will be able to see the exact name of the person who has seen each of your stories.Who Visits My Instagram Profile



From now on, you will be protected against the theft of information from these applications. However, be careful when giving permissions to access your personal data, it will not be the remedy against gossip worse than the disease of being spied on.

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Also, remember that if you want to shield yourself against snoopers you can always configure your account to be private instead of public and only your followers can see your posts.

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