Windows 10X Emulator On Windows 10

Microsoft has developed the Windows 10X operating system for futuristic folding devices. The hype is so much that some people even speculate, it will be an important part of the future of Windows. If you are an enthusiast like me or a developer, you can take a look at the Windows 10X operating system simply by emulating it on your existing PC. Fortunately, Microsoft has made the whole process simple and easy. So without further ado let’s start the tutorial.



  1. You need to be running Windows 10 64-bit, that is, a build Insider (19041 or higher).
  2. You need to have the classic version of OneDrive installed download here.
  3. You need to sign in to the OneDrive app with your Microsoft account and keep it that way.
  4. You need to activate Windows 10 developer mode.


How To Install Windows 10X Emulator

Microsoft Emulator comes to be something similar to VMware or VirtualBox, with the difference that while the previous ones emulate computers where to install operating systems, this emulator simulates other types of devices using their images as a base.

Install Windows 10X Emulator

This emulator does not come with any device or operating system installed by default and, today, it does not allow us to create our own devices either. However, images can be freely downloaded both from the program itself and from the Microsoft Store.

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Although Microsoft Emulator may be used in the future to test other types of systems and emulate other devices, right now its main operation is to emulate Windows 10X. To download this emulator we don’t need anything more than access the following link and download it from the Microsoft Store. We don’t have to be an Insider or anything like that.

Install Windows 10X Emulator

And the latest version of the Windows 10X image can be found at the following link, also in the Microsoft Store.

When we have the emulator and the image downloaded, we can already test Windows 10X. Inside the emulator, we can directly see the new Windows 10X image ready to start working. If we want, we can modify the settings of this virtual machine, although, to be honest, it is better not to.

Install Windows 10X Emulator

We must have Hyper-V enabled on PC. If we do not have it, when starting the Windows 10X emulator we will see an error message, and this will indicate how to do it.

You can use the emulator and control it with the mouse and keyboard. This emulator is designed to give you a better idea of what your application would look like on a dual-screen device.

Install Windows 10X Emulator


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Microsoft will update Windows 10X images frequently, so if we want, we can closely follow its evolution by downloading new images as soon as they are available.

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