About Me

You’ll be able to learn my story from the beginning until now. This may cost you some time, but true techies know it’s interesting.


Hi, what’s up, techies,

My Name is Arjun Sharma, the founder of Techy Nicky (Nicky is my Nickname).

I am a professional blogger and writer who loves writing about technology and gaming.

I have been playing video games since 2000 (My brother used to give me a disconnected controller).

As far as I recall, my dad, uncle, brother and cousins used to play Battle City on NES; we used to wait for our turn to play Battle City, which was my 1st game (locally known as tank).

Also, at that time, arcade machines were insanely popular in India. After school, before going home, I used to play Tekken 3 a lot.

Then sometime later, I found a crazy gaming cafe where I played the first-ever multiplayer video game of my life, the Counter-Strike Source.

The café was far away from my home, and I used to go there once a week. However, my mother purchased some consoles like Sega mega 16 drive, Gameboy Advance SP, and GBA Micro Famicom Mario Edition.

So, I played many games for so many years, from Harvest Moon to dragon Ball Adventure advance, Mario Pinball Land to Yoshi’s Island. Later in college, I built a custom PC and started playing GTA V and FPS games. Later in the story, you will find the games.

My First Blog

I started my first blog on the free blogger.com platform in 2010. I quickly discovered the SEO strategies for my blog and the significance of Writing, and I did it from mobile.

I used to change so many smartphones people know me as a techie guy locally. I got around 1 million traffic.

I wrote tutorials for several operating systems, dual boot, modding games and Android’s custom ROM on this blog. I also designed a custom ROM for Galaxy Y, which XDA-developers mentioned on their blog. The search engine’s core update hit the site a few years later, and views dropped.

When did I start this blog?

In April 2016, I started techynicky.com with the help of my youtube channel; My revenue reached around $2k (combined) every month. In mid-2017, I stopped working for some personal reason.

However, I survived everything that went wrong, and in 2020 I put all my heart and soul into blogging and revived my techynicky blog. My dedication blossomed. I have started to see good results with organic traffic.


I own a niche website growing daily and Techy Nicky (Relaunched).

What are the coding languages I know?

I am a web developer with experience in various programming languages, including HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. I have also worked on projects involving WordPress, Shopify and Magento. I am highly interested in web development and always stay updated on the latest trends and technologies. When I’m not working on websites, I like to spend my time playing games and travelling.

What games I’m playing nowadays?

Valorant, H1Z1, Fortnite and Apex Legends.

I stopped grinding shooter games, but I have played more than 10000k+ hours in the last six years. The games list is too long I can’t cover it here.

My PC Setup

Processor i9 9900KF
GTX 1060 6GB (I will upgrade to 4000 series of Nvidia)
Motherboard MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Carbon Pro AC
RAM TT 8×8 3600MHZ
Monitor LG 144hz and HP 24 60hz IPS (I will upgrade to 390hz)
Headphone Audio Technica 30x and Sound Magic e11c
Mic Blue Yeti Silver
Mouse G402, G502 and V2 Mini
Keyboard RK64
Camera Nikon d5500 and Logitech c922 Pro Stream
Chair Circle CH80

To be continued…