Best Color Settings for ASUS TUF VG32VQ Monitor

The ASUS TUF VG32VQ monitor has earned its reputation as a favorite among gamers, thanks to its outstanding features and cost-effective pricing.

While this monitor offers a superb gaming experience out of the box, the ability to fine-tune and personalize your visual settings can take your gaming adventures to the next level.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you achieve optimal color settings for the ASUS TUF VG32VQ monitor. In this article, we’ll explore these insights to unlock the full potential of this impressive gaming monitor.

Monitor Specifications:

Before diving into the recommended settings, let’s briefly review the ASUS TUF VG32VQ’s essential specifications:

  • Size: 32 inches
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Resolution: 1440p
  • Adaptive Sync: Yes (FreeSync)
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • Color Depth: 8-bit

Here are the Best Color Settings for ASUS TUF VG32VQ Monitor:

Optimizing Color Settings:

  • Game Visual Mode:
  • Many Reddit users suggest selecting the “Racing Mode” in the Game Visual settings. This mode seems to provide the best balance for various applications.
  • Brightness and Contrast:
  • Adjust the brightness to your preference. A common setting is around 75-80 for a balanced experience.
  • Contrast settings between 85-90 are often recommended to enhance the visibility of dark scenes.
  • Color Temperature:
  • For general use, try setting the color temperature to “Cool” for more vibrant and saturated colors. However, feel free to experiment with other options, depending on your preference.
  • Vivid Pixel:
  • This setting, which enhances image sharpness, is recommended at around 25-50. Adjust this to your liking, as it can make your visuals more pronounced.
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Additional Settings for Different Scenarios:

  • For Gaming:
  • When gaming, consider choosing the “FPS” mode in the Game Visual settings. This mode can provide optimal performance for gaming applications.
  • For Reduced Eye Strain:
  • To reduce eye strain, you can tweak your settings by choosing the “Racing Mode” and adjusting brightness and contrast as per your preference. Setting the “Color Temperature” to “Cool” is also a common choice for a more comfortable experience.
  • For Movies and Videos:
  • If you primarily use your monitor for watching movies or videos, experiment with different color temperatures and contrast settings to find the combination that offers the most vivid and enjoyable experience.


Optimizing your ASUS TUF VG32VQ monitor’s color settings can significantly improve your overall gaming and viewing experience. The shared insights from Reddit users provide valuable guidance, but remember that personal preferences can vary. Don’t hesitate to experiment and fine-tune these settings until you find the perfect balance that suits your individual needs.

Whether you’re an avid gamer, a movie enthusiast, or someone looking for a comfortable display with reduced eye strain, this monitor’s versatility allows you to cater to your unique requirements. By utilizing the tips and settings discussed above, you can fully enjoy the visual quality that the ASUS TUF VG32VQ monitor has to offer.

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