Update Sony A7S III Firmware to Version 3.0

As an owner of Sony’s flagship mirrorless video camera, the Alpha 7S III, you know the importance of keeping your gear up-to-date with the latest software improvements.

Sony has recently released a significant firmware update, version 3.0, that brings a host of new features and enhancements to this powerful camera. However, the update process requires some preparation to ensure a smooth transition.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to successfully update your Sony A7S III to firmware version 3.0, while minimizing any potential disruptions to your existing camera setup.

Prepare Your Camera Settings

The firmware installation process will initialize and wipe all your existing camera settings. To avoid losing your customized settings, you’ll need to document them thoroughly before proceeding with the update. Take screenshots or write down all your settings, including custom key mapping, menu configurations, and any other tweaks you’ve made.

Additionally, if you’ve previously exported settings files from an earlier firmware version to a memory card, those exported files will not be compatible with version 3.0. You’ll need to re-create and re-export your settings after the update.

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My Menu Customizations Will Be Reset

Any custom shortcuts or functions you’ve added to the “My Menu” area will be cleared after updating to firmware 3.0. Make a note of these customized My Menu items so you can recreate them later.

The Update Process

Updating to version 3.0 is a two-step process if your camera is currently on version 2.11. First, you’ll need to install version 2.15, then immediately update again to version 3.0 – both versions are included in the firmware download package.

Connect Camera to Computer

Unlike some other Sony camera models, updating the A7S III firmware directly from a memory card is impossible. You must connect the camera to a computer via the supplied USB cable (third-party cables may not work). Before updating, ensure you’ve downloaded and installed the latest Sony camera driver software on your computer.

New Connectivity App Required

After updating to firmware 3.0, you’ll no longer be able to use the previous Imaging Edge app to remotely control the camera from your smartphone or tablet. Instead, you’ll need to download and use Sony’s new Creators app for this functionality. The Imaging Edge app may be required for initially migrating to the Creators app.

With proper preparation and following the steps, you’ll be able to successfully update your Sony A7S III to take advantage of the new firmware 3.0 enhancements. Be sure to review your settings and customizations after updating to reconfigure your preferred camera setup.

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