Gale Adelade Overwatch 2 Settings
Credit: Gale Adelade

Gale Adelade is a 22-year-old Overwatch player currently ranked within the top 10 DPS players worldwide. He is considered to be a hardcore competitive player with a focus on S-tier gameplay. In addition to his high skill level, Gale also emits great chill vibes that many enjoy.

In the world of online gaming, few have risen to the top as quickly as he has. Once ranked as the #1 gamer to use the Ana Amari character from Overwatch, he is a Twitch partner whose streams have earned him more than 326,000 followers on the platform.

You should try his settings and tweak them as per your preference. We made a list of Gale Adelade Overwatch 2 Settings for you. Let’s dive in!

Gale Adelade Overwatch 2 Mouse Settings

DPI800In-game Sensitivity4.17
EDPI3336Zoom Sensitivity45.00
Polling Rate4000cm/36012

Gale Adelade Overwatch 2 Video settings

Resolution:1920 x 1080
Render Scale:100%
Refresh Rate:240Hz

Gale Adelade Overwatch 2 Crosshair settings

Gale Adelade overwatch 2 crosshair
TypeDefaultCenter Gap9
Show AccuracyOFFOpacity100
ColorRedOutline Opacity0
Thickness1Dot Size2
Crosshair Length6Dot Opacity0

Gale Adelade PC/Setup:

MouseRazer Viper 8k Polling Rate
MousepadArtisan Hien Soft XL Wine Red
Mouse BungeeRazer RGB Chroma
KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Superlight
GPUGigabyte RTX 3080
CPUi9 9900k
RAM32 Gigs
MonitorAorus KD25F 24.5 inch 240Hz


When you have a new set of settings, using a pro player’s settings can be appealing. But remember that each person has a unique approach to how gaming settings should be set up. So, figure out what settings work best for you.

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After finding optimal settings then, concentrate on improving your abilities and playing to your full potential. Don’t forget to follow Gale Adelade on Twitch.

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