How to Update a Jailbroken Nintendo Switch - latest Firmware Ver. 18.0.0

Nintendo Switch users who have customized their consoles through jailbreaking may encounter challenges when new firmware updates are released.

The recent rollout of Firmware Version 18.0.0 has disrupted the jailbreak functionality for many users.

However, there are ways to navigate this situation and update your jailbroken Nintendo Switch safely while preserving its functionality.

The Issue

With the release of Firmware Version 18.0.0, users who have jailbroken their Nintendo Switches are faced with a dilemma. The update renders the existing jailbreak ineffective, leaving users unable to access the features and benefits they’ve come to enjoy.

How to Update a Jailbroken Nintendo Switch – Latest Firmware Ver. 18.0.0

Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved in updating your jailbroken Nintendo Switch to Firmware Version 18.0.0:

  1. Preparation: Before proceeding with the update, ensure you have all the necessary files and resources at hand. This includes the updated Atmosphere version 1.7.0 (pre-release), Hekate, and any required patches.
  2. File Acquisition: Obtain the required files from trusted sources known for providing reliable jailbreak resources. Verify the compatibility of these files with Firmware Version 18.0.0 before proceeding.
  3. Updating Atmosphere and Hekate: Download and extract the Atmosphere and Hekate files onto your computer. Follow the provided instructions to ensure a smooth update process.
  4. Applying Patches: If additional patches are necessary for maintaining functionality post-update, apply them as per the provided instructions.
  5. Injection and Boot-up: Insert the SD card into your computer and inject the payload using the appropriate tools. Reboot the Nintendo Switch into RCM mode and inject the payload again to initiate the update process successfully.
  6. Verification and Testing: Confirm the successful update by checking the version details displayed on the Nintendo Switch. Once verified, proceed to boot up the console and ensure that the jailbreak functionality remains intact.
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By following these steps carefully, Nintendo Switch users can update their jailbroken consoles to Firmware Version 18.0.0 without compromising functionality. With attention to detail and adherence to provided instructions, navigating firmware updates while preserving the benefits of jailbreaking becomes a manageable task. So, fear not, fellow enthusiasts, for your journey with the jailbroken Nintendo Switch, continues triumphantly into the latest firmware frontier. Happy gaming!

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