Best AOC Monitor Settings for Gaming
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When it comes to gaming, nothing quite compares to immersing yourself in a world of stunning visuals and captivating gameplay. Optimizing your AOC monitor’s settings is a game-changer to enhance your gaming experience.

With their reputation for producing high-quality monitors with impressive capabilities, AOC has become a go-to brand for gamers worldwide. In this article, we will look at the best AOC monitor settings for gaming, offering you valuable insights to unlock your monitor’s full potential.

From colour reproduction to response time optimization, get ready to embark on an extraordinary gaming journey like never before. Get ready to revolutionize your gaming visuals with the ultimate AOC monitor settings.

Accessing the Settings

To access the settings on your AOC monitor, navigate to the menu. Here’s a breakdown of the optimal settings that we recommend:

Basic Display Settings

Start by adjusting the basic display settings of your AOC monitor. Fine-tune the contrast and brightness settings to find the right balance that allows for clear visibility while maintaining details in darker and brighter areas of the game. Additionally, explore options like echo mode and gamma adjustments to achieve optimal colour reproduction and contrast levels. We suggest the following settings:

  • Contrast: 15
  • Brightness: 100
  • Echo Mode: Standard
  • Gamma: Gamma 3
  • HDR Mode: Off
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Colour Reproduction

Accurate colour reproduction is vital for an immersive gaming experience. AOC monitors offer various settings to enhance colour accuracy. Begin by selecting the appropriate colour temperature that suits your preference, whether it’s a cooler or warmer tone. Experiment with the DCB mode and demo settings, disabling them to avoid unnecessary enhancements. Finally, fine-tune the red, green, and blue levels to achieve vibrant and lifelike colours. Consider the following settings:

  • Colour Temperature: Warm
  • DCB Mode: Off
  • DCB Demo: Off
  • Red: 100
  • Green: 96
  • Blue: 100

Gaming-Specific Settings

AOC monitors provide specific settings designed to enhance gaming performance. Enable the game mode, which optimizes the monitor’s response time and reduces input lag, providing a smoother and more responsive gaming experience. Experiment with the shadow control setting to minimize ghosting effects. Adjust the overdrive setting based on your preferences, which can affect the response time and motion blur. Take a look at the following settings:

  • Game Mode: Off
  • Shadow Control: 50 (Increase to 60 if you experience ghosting, but remember to switch it back to 50 after gaming)
  • Overdrive: Off

Additional Considerations

In addition to the main display settings, there are a few other options worth exploring. The game colour adjustment allows you to fine-tune the colour saturation, providing a more vibrant or subdued visual experience. Consider the low blue mode, which reduces the blue light emitted by the monitor, potentially reducing eye strain during prolonged gaming sessions. Take these settings into consideration:

  • Game Color: Default 10
  • Low Blue Mode: Off
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AMD FreeSync and Default Settings

If your AOC monitor supports AMD FreeSync, it’s worth utilizing this feature for smoother gameplay. Maintain the default settings for AMD FreeSync, as they are optimized for most gaming scenarios. This ensures the monitor’s refresh rate syncs with your graphics card, minimizing screen tearing and enhancing overall visual quality.

Testing and Fine-Tuning

It’s important to remember that monitor settings can vary depending on personal preferences and the game being played. Take the recommended settings as a starting point and fine-tune them to suit your taste. Experiment with different options and observe the impact they have on the visuals. Don’t hesitate to adjust settings further to achieve the perfect balance for your gaming experience.


Optimising your AOC monitor settings is essential to elevate your gaming visuals. By adjusting the basic display settings, enhancing colour reproduction, and optimising gaming-specific options, you can unlock the full potential of your AOC monitor and enjoy a truly immersive gaming experience. Remember to fine-tune the settings based on your personal preferences and the specific requirements of each game. Explore the possibilities and embrace the enhanced visuals that your AOC monitor has to offer.


Should I adjust the monitor settings for every game I play?

While the recommended settings serve as a solid foundation, you may want to make minor adjustments based on each game’s requirements and visual style. Take the time to experiment and find the optimal settings for each game.

Is it necessary to invest in additional audio devices for gaming?

While audio devices can enhance your gaming experience, the settings discussed in this article focus primarily on optimizing visuals. Investing in audio devices is a personal preference and not a requirement for adjusting monitor settings.

Can I apply these settings to monitors from other brands?

While these settings are specifically tailored for AOC monitors, some concepts may apply to monitors from other brands. However, referring to the user manual or support documentation provided by the respective monitor manufacturer for optimal settings is recommended.

Can I use these settings for non-gaming activities as well?

Absolutely! These settings can enhance your viewing experience, whether browsing the internet, watching movies, or engaging in other non-gaming activities. Experiment with the settings to find the balance that suits your preferences for different tasks.

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