best guns in Farlight 84

Farlight 84 is an exciting and fast-paced battle royale game where players fight for survival using various weapons. Among the critical elements of the game, the selection of the right gun plays a crucial role in determining a player’s success.

Offers a diverse selection of 20 weapons. For newcomers, it can be daunting to determine the best weapons and understand their ease of use. In this article, we will unveil our carefully curated list of the top 12 guns in Farlight 84.

So, let’s dive into the exciting world of firearms in the game!

Here are the best 12 Guns in FARLIGHT 84

12. Stellar Wind

The Stellar Wind earns an honourable mention for its exceptional long-range accuracy and high-damage shots delivered with remarkable speed; in a game with extended time-to-kill, this semi-automatic weapon shines, dealing instant damage.

Its rapid firing rate allows quick follow-up shots, ensuring consistent damage output. Furthermore, the Stellar Wind proves versatile in close quarters, particularly with hip fire. This adaptability enhances its effectiveness, making it a valuable asset in combat.

Damge:- 42Rate of Fire:- 19
Stability:- 50Accuracy:- 50
Range:- 96Mobility:- 23

11. Mad Rat

Mad Rabbit

Unleash the devastating power of the Mad Rat assault rifle, specializing in tearing through enemies. Its deadly burst fire capability excels against stationary and mid to long-range targets. This formidable weapon delivers a relentless hail of bullets for swift eliminations.

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Whether precise shots or suppressing fire, the Mad Rat is a force to be reckoned with. Its ability to swiftly neutralize opponents and dominate at various distances makes it invaluable for skilled combatants.

Damge:- 15Rate of Fire:- 80
Stability:- 45Accuracy:- 40
Range:- 40Mobility:- 77

10. White Dwarf

The White Dwarf SMG is a stunning revelation after a recent update. It now stands as a formidable weapon, rivalling assault rifles. It proves reliable in combat with a commendable fire rate and armour-piercing abilities.

This SMG consistently performs, surprising foes and asserting dominance on the battlefield. No longer overshadowed, it solidifies its position as a formidable firearms contender. Brace for an awe-inspiring experience as the White Dwarf SMG showcases its worth against all odds.

Damge:- 16Rate of Fire:- 96
Stability:- 70Accuracy:- 50
Range:- 56Mobility:- 90

9. Fnatic

The Fnatic Shotgun, a player favourite, offers a balanced mix of power and forgiveness. With a faster fire rate and wider bullet spread, it suits shotgun enthusiasts valuing effectiveness over precise aim.

Ideal for close-quarters combat, it delivers raw power without demanding accuracy. This formidable shotgun accommodates a forgiving playstyle, solidifying its popularity among players seeking devastating impact with ease.

Damge:- 70Rate of Fire:- 9
Stability:- 50Accuracy:- 10
Range:- 26Mobility:- 25

8. Mad Rabbit

Mad Rabbit

The Mad Rabbit SMG is an undeniable combat force, instilling fear in opponents. Its exceptional fire rate and unwavering stability make it perfect for precision enthusiasts. With this weapon, confidently breach the formidable purple armour of foes.

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The Mad Rabbit delivers relentless firepower, overwhelming and dominating adversaries. Whether in close-quarters or long-range engagements, this reliable SMG ensures victory on the battlefield.

Damge:- 15Rate of Fire:- 80
Stability:- 45Accuracy:- 40
Range:- 40Mobility:- 75

7. Hound 

The Hound, a powerful shotgun, demands precise aim. Its tight bullet spread, focused towards the centre, rewards skilled marksmanship. This high-skill weapon requires a steady hand to maximize its effectiveness.

Capable of dealing devastating damage at close range, the Hound is a formidable choice for those who can master its precision. Unleashing its potential requires embracing the challenge of harnessing its focused bullet pattern, allowing users to excel on the battlefield.

Damge:- 120Rate of Fire:- 9
Stability:- 50Accuracy:- 10
Range:- 26Mobility:- 25

6. M4

The M4 embodies precision and stability akin to its counterparts in various games. Boasting exceptional accuracy and minimal recoil, this assault rifle maintains its status as a top-tier weapon, highly sought after by players.

Whether engaging in close-quarter skirmishes or picking off enemies from a distance, the M4 delivers consistent and reliable performance. Its reputation as a symbol of accuracy and stability establishes it as a go-to choice for those seeking a practical and versatile firearm on the battlefield of Farlight 84.

Damge:- 22Rate of Fire:- 66
Stability:- 70Accuracy:- 50
Range:- 60Mobility:- 73

5. Jupiter-6

The Jupiter, an awe-inspiring weapon, flawlessly combines versatility and power. Players augment it with a short-range firearm for maximum precision. With remarkable capabilities, it is an unstoppable force demanding attention and respect.

Whether in close-quarter battles or dominating from a distance, this formidable weapon guarantees victory for skilled wielders, leaving adversaries in awe. Its well-earned reputation as a force to be reckoned with cement its place as a prized possession in any discerning player’s arsenal.

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Damge:- 19Rate of Fire:- 54
Stability:- 76Accuracy:- 53
Range:- 60Mobility:- 70

4. Generator

The “Generator” is a renowned long-range weapon with formidable impact. Equipped with carefully chosen attachments, it excels in medium to long-distance engagements, delivering devastating blows.

Its precision and power provide a strategic advantage in sniping and suppressing enemy forces, making it a reliable tool for dominance in long-range combat.

Damge:- 21Rate of Fire:- 66
Stability:- 70Accuracy:- 80
Range:- 84Mobility:- 75

3. UMP99

Securing the third spot on our list is the UMP, a lethal weapon excelling in close-quarters combat. Its swift eliminations may bewilder foes, questioning foul play.

With devastating close-range power and manageable recoil, it outmatches opponents, while its impressive range ensures effectiveness in medium-range battles. The UMP’s significant damage guarantees enemy obliteration, solidifying its status in any arsenal.

Damge:- 19Rate of Fire:- 100
Stability:- 13Accuracy:- 50
Range:- 56Mobility:- 75

2. AK77

The AK-77 captivates with devastating power and precision. It balances formidable firepower and manageable recoil, excelling within its optimal range.

With lethal accuracy, it dominates in close and moderate-distance combat. Embodying the essence of an assault rifle, the AK-77 is a reliable and formidable choice for any mission.

Damge:- 26Rate of Fire:- 54
Stability:- 52Accuracy:- 43
Range:- 60Mobility:- 70

1. Bar95

Crowned as the supreme sniper rifle in Farlight 84, the Bar 95, known as the Doombringer, epitomizes precision and lethality. Its ability to inflict colossal damage and ease of use make it a coveted weapon among players.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned player, this list aims to assist you in making informed decisions about weapon selection. Remember, practice makes perfect! So, grab your weapon of choice and dominate the battlefield.

Damge:- 94Rate of Fire:- 5
Stability:- 50Accuracy:- 50
Range:- 100Mobility:- 20


In Farlight 84, mastering the art of weaponry is crucial for survival. The top 10 guns we have explored in this article offer a range of options to suit various playstyles. Experiment, practice, and find the weapons that resonate with your gameplay preferences. Prepare yourself for thrilling battles as you arm yourself with the finest tools of destruction!


Which gun is the best for long-range engagements?

The Bar 95 (Doombringer) is the top choice for long-range precision.

Which gun is the most forgiving for players with less accurate aim?

The Fnatic Shotgun offers a good balance of damage and forgiveness for players who may not have the best aim but still enjoy using shotguns.

Are there any energy assault rifles that stand out among the rest?

Absolutely! The Jupiter and Generator are highly regarded energy assault rifles known for their impressive damage and exceptional accuracy. They are favourites in the community.

Which assault rifle offers the best stability and accuracy?

The M4 is the go-to assault rifle for its remarkable stability and accuracy. It provides consistent performance in Farlight 84.

Is the AK-77 challenging to control?

Despite its immense power, the AK-77 is surprisingly manageable and offers decent control, particularly within its effective range. With practice, players can make the most of its destructive capabilities.

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