Apex Legends: Controller vs Mouse and Keyboard

The controller versus mouse and keyboard debate has long been a contentious issue within the gaming community, and Apex Legends has recently rekindled this controversy.

With the ongoing aim to assist argument, discussions surrounding the advantages and disadvantages of different input methods have reached new heights. This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of both sides of the argument, debunk misconceptions, and propose potential solutions for the competitive Apex Legends community.

By examining the prevalence of controller usage, the impact of aim assist, and the considerations for individual players, we hope to shed light on this controversial topic.

Controller and Mouse/Keyboard Arguments

The controller versus mouse and keyboard argument typically unfolds as follows: a frustrated keyboard and mouse player, after being defeated by a controller player, claims that aim assist is broken and solely responsible for their loss.

The main argument against aim assist on controllers is that it provides an almost unbeatable advantage in close-range encounters, which constitute the majority of gunfights in Apex Legends. Critics argue that using a controller requires less skill and practice compared to the intricate mechanics of a keyboard and mouse.

However, it is essential to note that even with the advantages mentioned earlier, keyboard and mouse gameplay still demands a higher level of raw skill, such as precise aim and quick reflexes.


Pros and Cons of Controller and Aim Assist

Proponents of aim assist in controller gameplay emphasize its essential role for controller players, claiming that it levels the playing field. They argue that removing aim assist would make it unfairly tricky for controller players to compete against keyboard and mouse users who have other advantages, such as tap strafing and the ability to loot while moving.

Additionally, defenders of aim assist suggest that if keyboard players find controller gameplay overpowering, they should consider switching to using a controller themselves rather than complaining about it. However, this perspective overlooks the inclusivity aspect of aim assist, designed to offer players the choice of input method based on their preference and comfort.

Furthermore, it is essential to acknowledge that controller gameplay does not necessarily require less skill; the perception of lower skill requirements may arise from its accessibility to beginners.

Comfort and Familiarity

For many gamers, controllers offer a sense of comfort and familiarity. The ergonomic design and intuitive button layout make controllers easy to pick up and play. Players prefer a more relaxed and casual gaming experience often gravitate towards controllers due to their comfort.

Ease of Use for Casual Gamers

Controllers provide a user-friendly experience, making them suitable for casual gamers or those who enjoy playing from the comfort of their couch. The analogue sticks allow for smoother movement control, making navigating the virtual world of Apex Legends easier.

Aim Assist and Auto-Aim Features

One notable advantage of using a controller in Apex Legends is the presence of aim assist and auto-aim features. These assistive functionalities subtly help players by reducing the difficulty of aiming and ensuring shots connect more frequently. Aim assist can level the playing field for those who struggle with precise aiming using a controller.

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Limited Customizability

Compared to mouse and keyboard setups, controllers have limited customisation options. Button layouts are predefined, and while some games allow minor adjustments, the level of customization is not as extensive. This limitation may hinder certain players who prefer a highly personalized control scheme.

Balancing Aim Assist

The challenge lies in finding the right balance for aim assist. Implementing an appropriate amount of aim assist ensures that controller players can compete effectively with keyboard and mouse users without making controllers overpowered.

Striking this balance is crucial for games that support both input methods. The prevalence of controller usage in Apex Legends PC lobbies, with 92 per cent of the top predators favouring controllers, emphasizes the significance of this issue.

It is worth noting that even top-tier players and streamers known for their mastery of keyboard and mouse, such as TSM ImperialHal, zipith, and zero San Luis, have switched to controller, highlighting the advantages they perceive in using a controller.

Determining the Right Input

For individual players, the decision of which input method to choose depends on the magnitude of the advantages provided by each option. While professional players may exaggerate the impact of goal assist, its benefits in close-range fights cannot be ignored.

Given that most gunfights in Apex Legends occur within a 50-meter range, the advantage offered by aim assist outweighs other advantages, such as advanced movement techniques, typically associated with keyboard and mouse gameplay.

Consequently, players, particularly those at an average skill level, may find switching to a controller a reasonable choice to enhance their performance in close-quarters combat.

Cross-Platform Play and Compatibility

Apex Legends supports cross-platform play, allowing players from different platforms to compete against each other. This presents unique challenges and advantages when balancing gameplay between mouse and keyboard users and controller users.

Maintaining a fair and competitive environment while accommodating the differences between input methods is a complex task for game developers.

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Cross-platform play allows players to use different input methods to collaborate and compete, fostering a more diverse and vibrant player community. However, it also raises questions about how to create a level playing field and ensure that no input method has a significant advantage over the other.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

When discussing input methods, it is essential to consider accessibility and inclusivity. Not all players have the same physical abilities or dexterity levels.

Some individuals may face challenges using a mouse and keyboard due to disabilities or other limitations. In these cases, controllers can provide a more accessible gaming experience, enabling a broader range of players to enjoy Apex Legends.

Game developers have made significant efforts to improve accessibility, offering various options to adapt input methods for different individuals. Accessibility settings, remappable controls, and assistive technologies empower players with disabilities to participate and compete on equal footing, regardless of their chosen input method.


The controller versus mouse and keyboard debate revolves around the controversial topic of aim assist. Both sides present valid arguments, but it is essential to recognize the nuances and complexities involved.

The impact of goal assist, the considerations for balancing gameplay, and the preferences of individual players all contribute to this ongoing debate.

While the choice between controller, mouse, and keyboard ultimately depends on personal preference and the desired advantages, it is vital to approach the discussion with an open mind and a willingness to understand the different perspectives at play.


Does aim assist make controller gameplay unfair?

Aim assist aims to level the playing field for controller players, but its impact and fairness are subject to debate.

Do keyboard and mouse players have other advantages over controller players?

Yes, keyboard and mouse players have advantages such as tap strafing and the ability to loot while moving.

Are controller players less skilled compared to keyboard and mouse players?

Controller gameplay does not necessarily require less skill, as skill requirements can vary depending on the game and individual player.

Can aim assist be balanced to ensure fair competition?

Striking the right balance for aim assist is a challenge, but it is crucial for creating a competitive environment for both input methods.

Should players switch to a controller if they find it overpowering?

The choice of input method ultimately depends on personal preference and the advantages desired by the player.

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