Psp on android

How To Play PSP Games On Android?

If you are a gamer, surely you had the PSP, the PlayStation Portable, which was very useful at the time, because you could play a variety of games anywhere, without cables...
macOS Catalina

How To Install Clean macOS Catalina On Mac

macOS Catalina offers more of everything we love about Mac. Now we can enjoy our favorite iPad apps on Mac. Expand our workspace and unleash creativity with the iPad and Apple...
Play Nintendo Wii U Games On PC

How To Play Nintendo Wii U Games On PC With Cemu

There are many reasons to emulate a game instead of playing it on official hardware. Better Graphics: Emulated games can push the limits of your gaming computer, offering much higher graphics...
install Google Chrome extensions on Android

How To Install Google Chrome Extensions On Android Device

Google Chrome has become one of the browsers preferred by all users in the world, this is due to its excellent design and especially to each of its extensions that make...
Boost FPS In PUBG Mobile

4 Ways To Boost FPS In PUBG Mobile For The Insane Flicks!

Are you having low FPS when playing PUBG Mobile? Don't worry, we have the solution to your problems, because in this article we will show you how to configure the graphics...
Nintendo Switch Games On Pc

How To Play Nintendo Switch Games On Pc With Yuzu

Nintendo Switch emulator for PC, Yuzu's latest version allows you to play various games, including Super Mario Odyssey, at 60 fps, just like with the original Switch. It is not easy to...
Dark Mode On WhatsApp Web

How To Enable Dark Mode On WhatsApp Web

Dark mode has become one of the most used tools on the internet and social networks. Its use has become popular, giving a more elegant look to platforms and benefiting users...

How To Remove Vocals From Any Song Using Audacity

Do you want to create an instrumental version of your favorite song? Maybe you need to do a backing track? Or do you have a song that you produced but for...
send a WhatsApp message without saving contact?

How To Send A WhatsApp Message Without Saving Contact?

Due to the way WhatsApp works to start a conversation with a person, it is necessary to have their number saved in the terminal's phone book. This is not a problem for...
Live Stream Games On YouTube From Android

How To Live Stream Games On YouTube From Android

Mobile games are becoming increasingly fun and competitive. And it's always cool to show your skill or a particular game to friends. One of the best ways to do this is...