Play Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Online on PC
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Tekken Tag Tournament 2, a beloved fighting game originally released on the PlayStation 3, continues to capture the hearts of gamers worldwide.

However, what if we told you that you could enjoy this classic title on your PC and even play it online? Thanks to the RPCS3 emulator, this dream can become a reality.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you exactly how to play Tekken Tag Tournament 2 online on your PC.

Step 1: Download and Install RPCS3 

The first crucial step in this journey is to download and install RPCS3, the PlayStation 3 emulator, on your computer. You can obtain the latest version of RPCS3 by following the link provided in the description. Once downloaded, run the setup wizard and install RPCS3 on your PC.

Step 2: Download and Install PS3 Firmware 

Before you can dive into the world of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on RPCS3, you need the PS3 system file. This essential component ensures the emulator runs smoothly. (Search online). Once you have it, open RPCS3, click on “File” in the top left corner, and select “Install Firmware.” Browse for the PS3 system file you’ve downloaded and let RPCS3 handle the installation.

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Step 3: RPCN Account Creation 

To enable online play, you must create an RPCN account. Navigate to “Configuration” > “RPCN” > “Account” > “Create Account” within RPCS3. Provide a username, password, and email. Keep an eye on your email, as RPCN will send you a unique token. Copy and paste this token into the required field, click “OK,” and then “OK” again to finalize the account creation process.

Step 4: Download the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Files

Now, it’s time to acquire the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 game files. You’ll need both the PKG (game) and RAP (license) files. You can google it (it is not legal). Right-click on “Download PKG” and save it. If your browser blocks the download, look for a small arrow and click “Keep.” Do the same for the RAP file.

Step 5: Installing the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 File 

With the game files in your possession, open RPCS3, click on “File” again, but this time select “Install Packages.” Locate both the RAP and Package files you’ve downloaded and click “Open.” Wait patiently as the game installs on your PC.

Step 6: Update the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 

To ensure you have the latest version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, download the update from the link provided in the description. Simply drag and drop the update file onto the RPCS3 window.

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Step 7: Apply Online Pass 

Before you can engage in online battles, install the online pass. Find on google and, like before, download both the PKG and RAP files. Drag and drop them onto the RPCS3 window.

Step 8: Network Account Setup 

Right-click on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in RPCS3 and select “Create Custom Configuration.” In the “Network” tab, set the PSN status to RPCN and save your settings. To fix potential colour issues, navigate to “Configuration” > “GPU” and ensure that “Write Colour Buffers” is checked. Don’t forget to apply and save these changes.

Step 9: Launch The Game 

Finally, it’s time to embark on your Tekken Tag Tournament 2 journey. Launch the game and accept the terms. Congratulations, you’re now ready to play Tekken Tag Tournament 2 online on your PC!


With RPCS3 and a bit of patience, you can relive the excitement of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with friends online. Enjoy the classic fighting game on your computer and battle it out with opponents from around the world. Good luck and may your skills in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 continue to grow!

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