Block Attacks In Tekken 7

Are you dying again and again in Tekken 7? But you don’t know how to block attacks of the enemy? 

Tekken has evolved dramatically since the franchise’s debut in 1994. The game ventured into new territory from console exclusive when publisher Bandai Namco released it for PC gamers with Tekken 7 in 2017. However, the guarding fundamental is the same as the first Tekken.

Before attacking your opponent, you must first learn how to block attacks in Tekken 7, and this guide will teach you exactly how to do it.

Types Of Block/Guard

There are two forms of primary block in Tekken 7: standing guard and crouching guard. To protect yourself while standing, hold the directional control. To protect yourself while crouching, press and step back on the directional control together.

  • The guard blocks any high or medium attacks but does not block low attacks.
  • The Crouching Guard blocks any low attacks and causes high attacks to fail but does not block medium attacks.

Blocking is pretty easy to do, but the skill is to protect only when you know you have to. If your opponent throws play after play and you do a block, you invite more pressure. Use the guard to force your enemy to make a mistake, and once you think you see an opening, release it with your attacks.

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Although the guard is in a defensive position, a permanent guard can be broken with a throw, a low attack, or an unblockable. A Crouch Guard can be broken with a medium attack or a low shot. Neutral guards have the same weaknesses as permanent guards, but they can also break with certain combos and aggressive moves.

Moves In Tekken 7

Before we get into the basics of the game, let’s understand the game controls on both Xbox and PlayStation controllers:

  • Square / X is the left hit.
  • Triangle / Y is the right hit.
  • X / A is the left hit.
  • And the circle / B is the right hit.

We also call them 1,2,3,4 respectively while explaining different moves, combos.

How To Block Attacks In Tekken 7

For blocking high and medium attacks, you need to press the left button in D-pad or don’t press anything, and for lower attacks, you must press down to block. Frequent crouching does not help, however, as most attacks in Tekken 7 are medium. If you crouch many times in a round, the enemy will quickly throw you into the air and do severe damage with his combos.

Also, breaking the shot is something you must learn. Unlike previous versions of the game where you had to identify and break a throw type with a particular demand, in Tekken 7, you can do this by pressing buttons 1 or 2 (right hit and left hit). You can also launch an attack after stopping your opponent’s low move by pressing d 2 (down 2 / triangle / Y) in your opponent’s direction.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s online, whether with your little brother who doesn’t understand anything or with the neighborhood champion. Practicing with other people always helps at the level of confidence, predictions, knowledge, and execution in any sport.

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