Extesyy apex legends settings
Credit: Extesyy

Extesyy is a top Apex Legends controller movement player. His ability to make precise movements and aim with a controller is unmatched.

He’s able to take out opponents quickly and efficiently with his ninja-like movement.

You should try his controller settings and tweak them as per your preference. We made a list of Extesyy apex controller settings for you. Let’s dive into the settings!

Extesyy Apex Legends Controller Settings

Controller Layout: Controller Presets

Extesyy button layout
Stick LayoutDefault
Interact/Reload ButtonTap to Use and Reload
Crouch ButtonHold
Aim ButtonHold
Survival Slot ButtonOFF
Trigger DeadzonesNone
Menu Cursor Speed80%

Extesyy ALC(Advanced Look Controls)/Custom Look Controls

Extesyy ALC
Extesyy ALC

Extesyy Apex Legends Video Settings

Aspect Ratio16:9
Nvidia ReflexEnabled + Boost
Graphics Settings Everything Low for better FPS

Extesyy Setup

HeadsetApple Ear Phones
MouseG Pro Superlight
ControllerElite Series 2
Processor11 Gen i9
GPUrtx 3070ti


Do not copy the exact Extesyy’s settings; it will ruin your gameplay, but you can use some of his settings and tweak them as you feel comfortable, and don’t forget to Subscribe to his youtube channel.

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