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connect samsung galaxy tab s6 lite to monitor
Samsung is obliterating the competition by providing quality products at reasonable prices. The Galaxy TAB S6 Lite is one of the best selling tablets from Samsung. But, only compatible with USB-2, which does not allow video output or high-speed data transfer. However, today we will demonstrate how to mirror the Samsung...
Samsung Dex on galaxy tab A8
Do you want to utilise Samsung Dex on your Galaxy Tab A8? Unfortunately, because these tablets are entry-level, it does not support Dex natively. Samsung only offers Dex for their premium catalogue tablets. However, we have discovered an alternative software for the Tab A8 with a similar multitasking Dex feature. So,...
Get Samsung Dex On Galaxy Tab A7
Want to use Samsung Dex on Galaxy Tab A7 and A7 lite? But sadly, it doesn't support natively because these tablets are entry-level, and Samsung provides Dex for their premium catalogue tablets only. However, we have found an alternative app that allows you to get a similar multitasking Dex feature...
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