Add Guest User On Android Device

Your Android mobile phone has many modes that you may not know other than the silent or do not disturb mode that we activate when we want to take a nap and WhatsApp notifications do not reach us.

When we bring mobile to children because they still do not know how to use it very well, use all the apps, view the gallery, or cause a severe problem.

Fortunately, in Android, we have the guest function, which allows us to lend the mobile to other people. When you enable this mode, the limitations mean that other users cannot see the gallery or apps.

What Is Guest Mode In Android?

The guest mode available for Android phones is pretty much the same as the one we have on our Windows 10 or Mac computer, where there can be multiple users without sharing a gallery, apps, and other tools between them.

This mode has arrived on smartphones in the Android 5.0 version but is also available on tablets, where this feature makes even more sense as it is a device designed to consume content or work.

How To Add Guest User On Android Device?

To activate this option, do the following:

  • Go to Settings> System> Advanced options> Multiple users.Add Guest User On Android Device
  • Your username and the option to add a guest will appear there.
  • When creating the guest, the new session will appear for the person who will use it.
  • The guest profile will remain on your phone permanently until you delete it, and for that, you must follow precisely the same steps you did to create it, but this time you will have to select “delete guest.”
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The advantage of guest profiles is that you can always select the option to continue with the same session and the same configuration when changing profiles or re-establishing a new session.


IF, in your case, you want to have a different profile for work and another for personal use, we recommend that you create a new profile instead of creating a guest profile, where you can switch between profiles as many times as you want.

Having another profile will allow you to have different configurations. The apps you update or install in one profile won’t show in another, so this is a better way to separate one work profile from another personal one, in case you don’t want to add your personal and work account.

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