Play Minecraft Classic For Free

Minecraft is no doubt one of the successful games of recent times. Millions of people around the world have downloaded and installed it on their computers. It is enough to take a look at his particular entertainment proposal to understand the enormous success it has garnered.

Now, probably someone will also wonder if it is possible to enjoy this title without having to waste time. Launch it and go. We have good news for you. You can play Minecraft Classic in your browser.

How To Play Minecraft Classic For Free In-browser?

Now, and directly from your web browser, you will be able to enjoy the original game again. To play Minecraft, all you have to do is:

  • Access a device with an internet connection
  • Run a fully functional browser, without limitations of some mobile versions
  • Visit the website

Play Minecraft Classic For Free

Once you access this link, you will enter the game’s web emulation. Simulation is so real that it will even allow you to experience the limitations and even bugs that were in that first version. All this without installing anything.

Minecraft Classic Controls For Web Browser

To play Minecraft through your web browser you will need a keyboard to control the movements of the character in the game. These controls are as follows:

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WASD moves the character, B opens the build menu, the space bar makes us jump or swim up, T for a chat, and the rest are performance options: F activates the fog, there is also an FPS counter, and a parameter that limits the distance rendered.

What is Minecraft Classic?

Minecraft classic runs directly in the browser and contains the initial 32 blocks to build, in addition to all the original errors of the game when it was launched (to give authenticity, they say) and an interface that the most nostalgic will like.


By far, the most exciting thing for a single player is to go down, discover caves, fight to return to the surface, and discover that we have arrived at a completely different place. If this doesn’t make you buy the full version, nothing will.

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