Play God of War III On PC

How to Play God of War III On PC With RPCS3 Emulator

Either you don't have a PlayStation, or you haven't bought the game, or you just want to go over the story; now you can play God of War III on your...
send a WhatsApp message without saving contact?

How To Send A WhatsApp Message Without Saving Contact?

Due to the way WhatsApp works to start a conversation with a person, it is necessary to have their number saved in the terminal's phone book. This is not a problem for...

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Psp on android

How To Play PSP Games On Android?

If you are a gamer, surely you had the PSP, the PlayStation Portable, which was very useful at the time, because you could play a variety of games anywhere, without cables...
Unlink PS4

How To Unlink A PSN Account From The PS4 Console?

When we first log in with a PlayStation Network account on a PS4 console, the account is attached to that console. There are situations in which we need to unlink the...