heart crosshair valorant

How to get Heart Crosshair in Valorant (CODE)

Valorant allows players to customize many features, like the crosshair settings, to match their preferences. The developers have made sure that the game stays as fresh, user-friendly and fun as possible, ensuring...
stretched resolution in Valorant

How to get stretched resolution in Valorant 2022

If you're looking for a way to stretch Valorant but don't know where to start, is it worth your time to grind with stretched res? By adjusting some settings in windows, you...
Valorant Crosshair Settings

Best Valorant Crosshair Settings

The first step to improving the aim in Valorant is to choose the correct Crosshair settings. This guide will give you the best Valorant Crosshair settings and the idea of which Crosshair...
custom cursor for valorant

How to get Valorant Mouse Cursor for Windows

If you are a fan of Valorant and want to install a mouse cursor of your favourite agent? After setting up the wallpaper, the only thing missing is that cute looking mouse...
digital vibrance valorant

How To Get Digital Vibrance In Valorant With Intel HD Laptop

Are you looking for a way to vibrant Valorant game? But Intel HD laptops don't have that functionality. Intel HD graphics provide an inbuilt saturation setting, but Saturation affects all pixels, whereas...
How to Watch Replays In Valorant

How To Watch Replays In Valorant 2022

Did you clutch 1v4? But you missed capturing that, or recoding was not on, and now you are thinking if Valorant could save replays. Sadly Valorant natively doesn't have a replay feature...
Add Bots To Valorant Custom Game Mode

How To Add Bots To Valorant Custom Game Mode

Are you looking for a way to add bots in Valorant? Other games like Fornite has their creative mode where you build anything and share it with your friends. It is not...
Most Unique Crosshair In Valorant

5 Most Unique Crosshairs In Valorant 2022 That You Should Try

Are you looking for unique crosshairs in Valorant and keeping the game looking fresh? Riot Games now allows us to keep multiple crosshairs as different profiles, allowing us to switch between them...
Check Valorant Store Without Opening

How To Check Valorant Store Without Opening The Game

Are you out of town and looking for a way to check Valorant Store? But you don't have a PC, or Valorant is not installed on your device and can't open...
Refund Agents, Contracts And Skins In Valorant

How To Get Refund Agents, Contracts And Skins In Valorant

Valorant is a character-based 5v5 tactical shooter developed by Riot Games and powered by the Unreal Engine. There is a site dedicated to Valorant that reports the following "promises": When you start the game...